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South Florida Home InspectionsAfter all of your looking – on line, open houses, touring with your Realtor – you have found your dream home. Getting a home inspector to investigate possibly your largest investment is an easy decision. But what should you expect from a home inspection? There is a big difference in what different home inspectors offer.

A home inspection should be…


No two properties are the same and not everyone needs nor wants the same home inspection. A rehabber in Ft Lauderdale needs a different inspection than a family in Pompano. Different types of home inspections should be always offered so you can get the inspection that fits YOUR individual needs.


No matter which of the home inspections you choose, yours should cover all of the details that are important to YOU. It is not advisable for a home inspector to schedule more than two Clients per day so he has the necessary time to complete each home inspection the way it should be. A condo inspection might be an exception since there are usually less grounds to cover, therefore, performing 3 condo inspections per day can be easily done without compromising quality of the inspection itself.


While your inspector should take the time to inspect your home thoroughly, he should also take the time to explain the findings so that you fully understand your property’s condition. The home inspection reports should be easy to read (preferably computer generated) and customized with digital pictures of your new home. When finished, you should have a better understanding of the systems of your home and how they operate. Your report can be your home reference manual to refer to as needed. If you have any questions before, during or after the inspection, ask your home inspector.


The inspector should do everything possible to help you through the inspection process. From the inspection agreement, the inspection itself, understanding your report and answering every question you may have.  You should always be able to contact the inspector who evaluated your property.


It’s simple, really. You should be completely satisfied with your inspection. Make sure you attend the inspection and if you are not satisfied with your inspector’s efforts – explain that to him before you receive the report.


You inspector should have no incentive to report anything other than the actual condition of your property. He should not offer repairs or referrals for any issues that may be found, also, he should not work for the Realtors – even if they referred him to you.

You can find your Licensed Florida Home Inspector by following this link – NACHI